With the upcoming US election in November, it's a crucial moment for the country and the world.
The single biggest thing any individual can do to bring on change, is to vote.

But a lot of the messaging and artwork is one sided.



Free-to-use, non-partisan art intended to help spread the vote.
Working with a range of artists and styles, the idea was to create a series of type driven artworks that display the word "VOTE". The artworks' sole intention would be to encourage people to vote. These are freely available for re-use/sharing on social media so that the message gets out and hits various audiences who might connect with a certain style. Art has a history of being a driver for action and the hope is to get more young people who come into contact with these artworks to pay attention and to vote.


Use this art to spread the message and encourage everyone
to exercise the most powerful non-violent change agents we have: 
to VOTE.
.: Please @tag the artist and @votingart and use #votingart when sharing artwork :.
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📲 Text "VOTE" to 56005


© votingart.com - Artworks not for sale or for profit or for commercial use whatsoever. This project is purely intended to spread the vote.
Please feel free to share anywhere and everywhere. 
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